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Coaching help me change from having a good life, to having a great life. 

Even as a successful improvement consultant and coach in the NHS working with improvers and researchers all around the world, I never felt good enough. ​


My emotions were all over the place, I spent hours trying to guess what other people were thinking, and my achievements were driven by anxiety. I was clinging on by my fingernails and felt like an imposter. But I hid it all.

I wished I could be the person I looked like on the outside.  

Coaching changed my whole outlook and now I have an amazing life. 

Understanding my ADHD changed everything - I finally found the confidence I needed to thrive as the real me.

Now, I've built my life to fit me instead of trying to fix myself to fit with life, and I've finally been able to do the things I've always wanted to do. 

As a certified ADHD Coach I specialise in working with professional and creative women who have discovered ADHD as an adult. Together, we can find your way into your power so you can thrive too.    

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Every ADHD brain is unique.  Work with yours to get the life you want...

Every ADHD brain is unique.  Work with yours to get the life you want...

'Thriving with ADHD' coaching

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Stop life getting in the way of your creativity...

'Thriving Creatives' coaching

Curious about what coaching

could do for you?


Book a free 30 minute discovery session to find out more.

What People Say

"I now understand my ADHD and can explain it, so I can get the support I need."

Public health officer

Eye-opening, challenging, incredibly rewarding, results-focused and effective...

writer, performance poet and visual artist

Cathy understood the pressure I was under at work ... I felt seen, heard and validated.

NHS professional diagnosed as autistic and with ADHD

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