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What people say...

"Eye-opening, challenging, incredibly rewarding, results-focused and effective from week one."

Tabitha, writer, poet and visual artist

"I thought coaching would be formulaic, but Cathy's coaching is a form of subtle witchcraft.  You have a conversation, and then you suddenly realise you see yourself and the world around you in a completely different way."

Marisa, operations manager

"Thanks to coaching I now understand my ADHD in a way that means I can finally explain what I need and get the right support, especially from my managers at work."

Salima, public health officer

"Cathy has this beautiful gift of creating a space of unconditional acceptance and limitless exploration.  Her humour, authenticity and commitment to my growth inspire me to commit to it and myself too every session together."

Kylie, young adult entrepreneur with ADHD

"Coaching with Cathy lifted many weights off my shoulders. Cathy fully understood the pressure I was under at work in the NHS, and, as we are both on the autistic spectrum and have ADHD, she easily understood what I was feeling. Cathy is a great coach, she is very empathetic and her listening skills are exceptional. My time with her has been a journey of discovery - I felt seen, heard and validated."

Fran, NHS professional

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What people get...

I now have a waiting list of clients wanting commissions 

I'm writing again

My house is decluttered - I have a whole extra room and it finally feels like a place I actually want to spend time

I'm now getting adjustments at work because I understand my ADHD and how to ask for what I need

I don't let people take advantage of me any more

I do things now the way that works for me, not for everyone else

I'm no longer stuck in an 'all or nothing' mindset - I recognise that all progress I make is valuable.  I can't believe how much more I achieve now

I accept who I am 

I finally have practical ways to get things done

I have so much more space in my head - it feels physically lighter

My week is now set up in a way that really suits how I work

I'm moving into a new phase of life,

and my surroundings now match that new version of me

I've now got far better planning and coping strategies

Starting my new role has been so much less stressful than it would have been

I know now what I am really worth

It's such a relief to be feel able to try things out instead of always feeling I have to get things perfect first time

I understand what was triggering me, so now I can choose how to respond

I understand how to reward myself for tackling tough chores

I can now see and celebrate how far I've come and what I've achieved

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