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What is ADHD Coaching?

Great ADHD coaching is slightly different for everyone. 

Every person is unique and has their own style, and their own reasons for choosing coaching.  

Maybe you know exactly what you want to do but can't do it, maybe you're not even sure what you want.  Maybe you're a thinker or maybe you're all about the feelings.  Your coach will use an approach that works for you.

Coaching is, first and foremost, dedicated time for you to spend on you.  And during that time your coach will give you their full attention, listen to and respect you.

A typical session starts with identifying what you want to focus on. Then, with a goal in mind, your coach works with you as a creative thinking partner to review, reflect and explore how you can most easily achieve what you want tapping into the strengths you already have.  

Sometimes, your coach may ask if you'd be interested in hearing an idea or some information about ADHD.  It's up to you if you want to hear it. 

Whatever your style, priorities and needs, your coach will gently guide you through each coaching conversation to ensure that you get value from every single session and are always getting closer to your dreams.

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Coaching is,

first and foremost, dedicated time for you to spend on you...

Curious about what coaching

could do for you?


Book a free 30 minute discovery session to find out more.

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'Thriving with ADHD' Coaching

Having ADHD means you have a unique brain-wiring. You see and experience the world differently from other people.  Some people see their superpowers but struggle to use them the way they want.  Some people aren't sure if they're got any power at all never mind a superpower.  

Whatever your current experience of your ADHD, coaching can transform your life.  Your certified ADHD coach will work alongside you to explore how you can use your specific unique brain-wiring to achieve the life you want and so you can thrive too.    

Kinds of coaching

'Thriving Creatives' Coaching

Being a creative means you likely live in an exciting world of ideas, possibilities and opportunities.  You have big ideas and a creative dream. But do you feel it's always somehow just beyond your reach.

Coaching creates a space to protect your creative dream as you work to achieve it.  Your certified coach will help you keep that dream fresh and real, even while you explore ways to get to grips with whatever is in your way e.g. mastering the often tedious practicalities of day-to-day life that seem to trip you up, or overcoming your worries or fears, until your dream becomes your reality.

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What 'more' do you want out of life?

Get in touch to book a free 30 minute discovery session and begin to achieve your 'more' today.

Funding for coaching

Thriving Woman has a standard fee structure that reflects the quality of coaching provided with multi-session packages available from £360 for 3 sessions per month and contact in between. 

Thriving Woman also has a limited number of 'Pay What Works' places for those for whom the full standard fee wouldn't 'work'. 

Thriving Woman find highly motivated clients are a joy to work with, and that 'works' for us. 

Plus, if you're an adult with ADHD in the UK you may be eligible for Access to Work funding from the government.

If coaching will help you thrive, make a start today.

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